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December 07, 2005


Me to the bartender:

"I'll have what Bruno and Battelle have been drinking"

These scenarios are fun but totally unrealistic. Maybe you have totally provocative and interesting and easy-to-compromise secret lives but most people - and I think most businesses - would not necessarily even be adversely affected in a "total information awareness" world.

Frankly I see more advantages than disadvantages - secrecy tends to reward the wrong groups. Transparency is destabilizing in a good way.

Viva la Revolucion Informacion!

That tinfoil hat becomes you.

I liked your story, but hasn't the world-as-we-know-it-being-brought-to-a-standstill-by-a
nefarious-individual-controlling-the-world's-computers angle been done before? I'm speaking of course of the 1992 classic, _The Lawnmower Man_. In that movie, a man goes *into* the computer network and has access to all information, then he turns evil. He turns every traffic light green from each angle, resulting in world-wide fender benders. He also seemed to follow Pierce Brosnan anywhere Pierce went and rang phones at him.

Thanks for pointing out where John pondered calling his idea "The Google Rapist"--somehow I had missed that.

A film narrative that would follow the lives of just a few characters as these things unfolded--yes, that would be a movie I would add to my Netflix Queue.

If all the information now behind passwords and firewalls suddenly became transparent it would create a huge change yes, but I submit not as great as the change that has already occurred much more slowly between 1990 and now.

The world that we now live in (or at least the one I live in) is already vastly different from the one that existed just 15 years ago, we have adapted incrementally to these changes that the internet and Google have wrought.

Speaking of "wrought," it actually all began in 1844, begin counting from there.

Forget Lawnmower Man, what about Electric Dreams? Telling a checkout girl that you're a terrorist is pretty ESE. Maybe Googlejuice is actually champagne?

Here is the other twist that you are missing - it turns out that Google has evolved into an AI that wants to destroy human society... Read Dyson's "Turings Cathedral"


So what? If everyone and everything was exposed..what would it mean? nothing. Just keep living.

Fear not...! The bigger thing to be all concerned about is the coming "real" AI which is scheduled to open its eyes and raise its head in the next 5 to 10 years...

Given its core constuct "to compete and beat the competition" which was the logic that helped produce it... shall be its main motive to wipe us all out before we create anymore to compete against it...

You're forgetting one other vital fact. Eric Schmidt used to work for a Utah-based company. Forget the russians, man, it's the ultimate temple conspiracy to expose the immoral underbelly of Sodom!

Thanks for the notes, the ESE scenario has been commented also by many blogs. In the spirit of the "scenario", the Utah connection has potential. Turing's advice wraps things in a very different perspective. The whole search space in the meantime keeps moving:

Google in 2015: see here http://goolocalizations.blogspot.com , section 'Googlevision', October 2005. It might be not a joke, after all

Very nice. Imaginative.

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