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December 10, 2005


Wow! Great analysis. With Switzerland being one of the last vestiges of currency design (since the Euro came to be), I hope they come up with something better than this. Personally, I miss European National Currencies -- they made our (US) money seem so unoriginal and boring (which it still is). Dutch money, in particular, I remember as being quite beautiful.

Must be one of thos ecompetitions where all the entries are so weak that you have to choose between the least crappy ones.

I dunno, I rather like the idea of self-authenticatingly filthy lucre.

That's one expensive sandwich.

"Think of having a fun dinner with friends at a nice restaurant, and then hand over to the waiter a 200-Francs bill representing the AIDS virus."
Perhaps more people should be reminded of the horrors that daily surround us and yet remain unseen. Maybe not such a bad idea after all?


Perhaps we should continue your theme with other similar ideas.

How about child molestation on the 50, and a multi-generational welfare family on the 100?


We could but we were not chosen to design these notes, nor was it my theme to begin with.


The instructions to the designers specifically mention: Switzerland as a platform for dialogue, progress, humanitarian commitment, exciting experiences, creativity and the search for practical approaches to solutions within organizations. (...) Six topics have to be depicted, namely the activities of negotiating and exchanging; teaching and researching; helping and meditating; enjoying and relaxing; creating and designing; and deciding and implementing.

Nowhere does it include “reminding us of the daily horrors that surround us yet remain unseen”. That idea was put forth by you.

This looks more thought provoking to me, not something to be offended about. Why hang onto traditional selections of imagery? This looks like leadership. These are indeed important issues in the future as well as the present.

Interesting analysis of the situation though in regards to the history of swiss banking and it's association with evil. Skulls/Bars of gold for instance.

But are you suggesting that gold/skulls should not be used?
Is avoiding references to the dark side the way to go?
Could using more happy, positive things be seen as not telling the whole story?
Is using such association laden imagery a disturbing form of celebration of a swiss dark side?
Or is it a cathartic acknowledgement of truth?

I consider the AIDS imagery to be in particularly bad taste. Just imagine what it will be like for people who suffer from HIV, or who have a loved one who suffers from the disease. They will be reminded of it every time they see the 200 CHF note, while the rest of us will be desensitized to them in no time. Way to help the AIDS-victims, jury!

I consider your taste to be questionable, Herr Broek. Facing the realities of the world economy is just what it is.

Interesting points about the "cathartic acknowledgement of truth" and about taste (de gustibus non est disputandum - there is no accounting for taste, as the Latins said). My overall point was: currency bills are a vehicle for both monetary value and symbolic value - they're supposed to represent the country they belong to. I'm certainly not among those that advocate "not looking at the dark side of the world", but currency bills aren't the place for that. I personally don't see what makes the suggested bill design "Swiss", and I find them of very bad taste.

From an artist's point of view I like the notes. They're both vibrant in colour and as always drip with 'Swiss Design'; the orientation, detail and bold statements made by the illustrations.
I would have no problem pulling out a 200chf when paying for my meal as I would like to hope people aren't petty enough to go beyond the numerical factor. Maybe One should be using a Credit Card for such transactions anyhow as I'm sure a few establishments won't except notes over a 100chf denominator.

I don't like that new fegure banknotes and b former banknotes better than new

current currency design is better than new design banknotes.

Comment about the first comment on the top:

You probably have no idea what's really printed on the 200 franc bill! Do you?

This isn't a ADIS virus or anything, these are molecules! By the way I also like the old disign better than the new one. But don't express your resentment the way you did! I'm sure there is a politer way in this case.

Thanks - Olivier Hulliger

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