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June 14, 2006



the question whether a community of people is "friendly" or "hostile" to failure of some of their members is indeed very important.

May it be that Shirky rediscovered an idea that was put forth by E.U. v. Weizsäcker as early as 1984: "Fehlerfreundlichkeit" as a design goal had some influence in german engineering design education as a possible remedy for the famous german "Technikfeindlichkeit".

of course, one aspect of "stage/phase gate"-type projectmanagement processes (used widely throughout corporate R&D departments ) is to stop a project early enough so failure costs remain acceptable.

How to deal with the cost of failure of a project that in fact has reached production stage is still unresolved. But what people in the corporate world do realize that it is not only a financial but alos a cultural or leadership issue.

Maybe one should ask the Airbus A380 program management on this one?

The big failure of a community is when it conduce somebody to crash his real life to join this virtual "movement". My nephew, 11 years old, had to awake himself at one o'clock in the night to follow the game not on WoW, but on another Big Multiplayer Game (BMG...). He was able to stay all the night with his fellows, his cousin and some bastards of the same age. The result was two hours of sleeping, and following nights like this. It's easy to imagine this nice boy became in two months the worst of his class. He was one of the best before and now is just trying to pass the year. The game was double: be able to play the more time as possible with the biggest score (something like: "i have 560 points and 80% percent of the skills!!!") and be able to take THE real key (to open the office containing the computer) at 10 centimeters of his father, sleeping and inconscious of this long-term drama.

your summary is truly excellent, just like Aula itself. I am impressed :)

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