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August 24, 2006


how come most if not all the stuff you write is about large corporations / organizations that are able to reap huge profits from customer-economy (or is it the exploitation of the unwitting?)

where are all the jobless people in europe and the poor people benefitting from productivity gains

or are you just trying to optimize the perennial "how to get rich quick"

tricking people in handing over those goods whose value they do not understand is not a new idea

it's called colonial exploitation and was invented by Columbus and his peers

Just going back briefly to the "direct economy" metaphor: I am entirely in agreement with the proposition. This being said, I am afraid that we have not yet witnessed a true shit in the power structure. It is clear, however, that we are witnessing vast changes in the way growth might be generated.
Direct democracy: California has it, New Hampshire too and Switzerland is leading the way: it's call the right of initiative, (proposition in the US) where a small number of concerned citizens can put a item up to a popular vote. This is an extremely sophisticated and modern form of demcoracy. I could call it "wikipolitics", or rather "wikicracy". Use it once, you'll love it!

The economic model that mirrors this concept has been active for years. People vote with their dollars or euros in real-time, and these tiny incremental votes are the primary influencer on policy and leadership in public and private companies.

The interesting thing is the extent to which the corporate asset migrates from the organisation to the hands of the constituent.

I discuss this at my netpr blog.

I believe the whole process goes deeper.

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