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August 30, 2006


Interesting stuff Bruno. I just posted a write-up of the Aula talk I gave which also attempted to cross-pollinate a few ideas - though not in anyway as coherently or constructively as the example you point to here.

Either way, you might be interested:

Dan: I was in the room at Aula actually and I blogged the part of your speech about the "ripples around Lost" (the TV show):
Found it compelling and revealing, although I now realize, reading your detailed text, that I missed a few key points. This one for example:

"The producers behind Lost are seeing the entire web as the canvas for interaction around the show; as opposed to previous popular strategies of trying to own and aggregate all attention around branded portals. It's a disaggregation strategy rather than aggregation, and all the more powerful for it. Conversation is enabled around 'Lost' across multiple portals but also fake sites, fan sites, blogs, even interaction around 'Lost' via identifier placement at Amazon.com. Assuming that some basic elements of attribution can be deployed, the rising tide of interaction around 'Lost' means that all boats rise with it, including their own."

Thanks for these insights. B.

Thanks Bruno. I knew you were there, but only when I read your excellent summary afterwards. Wish we'd been able to meet at the time! Thanks again, D.

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